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League of Women Voters forum

The League of Women Voters had the school board candidate forum at HOCHS on Monday Oct. 3.  The most telling difference between the candidates was their ages and  that three of them are former and retired  teachers.  All of those former teachers bragged about all they knew about everything to do with schools.  Unfortunately for them it was clear that none of the ex-teachers knew anything about the budget, but parroted the false line that the budgets are in dire straits.  Two of them are even on school pensions and that begs the question that don't they have a conflict of interest as they'll be voting on issues that impact their own pensions?

The three non-teachers:  Ryan Stauber, Loren Martell, and Jon Donahue clearly were the most independent thinkers and all brought up issues of economic hardship of increased taxes, importance of youth, volunteerism, transparency, and accountability to their communities.

This is going to be an interesting election:  three aged, former teachers saying "Stay the Course" and raise more taxes to pay us; vs. youth, independence and accountability.    Teachers' unions saying raise taxes to pay for me, vs. everyone else saying "not so fast". 

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