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Special board meeting called to discuss the levy, but none on the board are able to debate

On Nov. 4, the school board finally called a special meeting to discuss the operating levy. The board had repeatedly refused to call a meeting and refused to have any discussion of the levy misinformation at the regular school board meetings. Finally their legal counsel told  them that not to call a meeting was  a violation of state law and our bylaws. The chair and superintendent tried to adjourn the meeting right after it started, but they could find no grounds to do that.

I then gave a 20-minute powerpoint presentation on why the district information was wrong. My information was basically what I have on these web pages. The presentation went well and everyone in the room was very attentative and was following everything on the slides and arguments that I made.

After the presentation, the superintendent (not the chair) stated that there would be no debate on any of the points that I raised. But members Kasper, Cameron, and Grover did give short 30 second statements that they had complete faith in what the District was telling them. 

So why did the board and superintendent refuse to debate? There are two possible answers: they thought any discussion would feed into the anti-levy vote, but that was poor campaign tactics as the media then only reported on my presentation, so there was nothing to counter any of my data.

The second explanation of why there was no debate is that no one on the board or in the district that had enough knowledge to contest anything that I was saying. That is a scary thought: no one on the board (except Gary and I) know enough about the budget to have an intelligent debate on something so important as funding our schools. The extent of their knowledge about financial matter is simply get out their rubber stamp. Is it any wonder that we have financial problems in schools!?


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