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Board Chair refuses to allow board members to submit agenda items

I was denied attendance by the School Board Chair, Clerk and Superintendent on the Oct. 5th agenda setting meeting. I had indicated that I wanted to attend the agenda setting meeting to explan the importance of these items.  Prior to that, I had submited four items to be included: 1) Discussion on the submitted Review and Comment on the $15.4 million increase in the Red Plan; 2) Discussion of the transfer of $4.5 million from the general fund to the Red Plan; 3) Discussion of errors in the information the school is distributing on the Operating Levy referundum; and 4) Use of school computers by staff in raising money and campaigning.  Seems like pretty normal requests for a board member to be asking for on a school that has a $120 million budget.

But surprise!  I was physically denied access to the Superintendents Office; and said I wasn't welcome and could not  participate or even sit in the room and watch.

Attorneys and even the Minnesoat School Board Association are perplexed on what legal grounds the Board Chair would deny a fellow board member a requested agenda item; and even more perplexed at what is going on here in Duluth when Board members are denied attendance at meetings.  

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