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Referundums are necessary and important for public school building projects

The following article was written in response to an article by the Minnsesota School Board Association advocating to remove the right of citizens to vote on large school building projects.

I'm a school board member in Duluth.  I respectfully disagree that schools or school boards should be able levy for building projects without a referendum.  In a perfect world, maybe I would be inclined to agree.  But I think that having referendums on building projects are more important now than ever.   Here's my reasons:

3 Good Reasons to Vote Against the Operating Levy, Duluth News Tribune, Nov. 3, 2011

We all know children’s education is very important. But that does not give anyone carte blanche to use false or very misleading information in promoting a yes vote on an operating levy. Public officials, both elected and non-elected, have an obligation to be wise stewards of taxpayer money, to be a watchdog about how it is handled, and to assure that accurate information is being given to the public.

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