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Art's Statement to Board supporting negotiations to sell Central

[Note: the School Board voted 4-3 on March 31, not to enter into negotiations with Edison Charter School's offer to purchase Central Property. The follwing are my comments to the Board supporting such negotiations.]

I would like to thank the School Board for allowing public comment tonight and on Monday.  It is a welcome change for us to listen to and encourage such public comment.  Thank you.

Budget Info


For FY 2017, Superintendent Gronseth predicts that we will have a $3.3 million deficit.  Ever since I've been on the Board, we have always had deficits, except for 2015.  All the deficits are  a bit surprising, and seems to be the normal way of doing business in introducing every year's budget.  One would normally question such "business are usual" in planning for budgets.  Though declining enrollment, the debt obligation being paid out of the General Fund (the classrooms), and depletion of the District's reserve funds certainly can have its toll.

Anatomy of a Failed School Board

It's time to break the silence on what happened on the Duluth School Board and look at the individual parts of the board that contributed to this ugly episode.  The followings are all hypothesis on what was happening.  We will likely never know their side of the  story because they have all been mum (except as noted below).

Duluth Public School's Enrollment and Graduation Drops

Duluth Public School, Number of Graduates. 

Duluth now has two High Schools:  Denfeld and East.  Central High School was closed in 2012 and its students were supposed to trasfer to Denfeld.  But that didn't happen.

Note that last year, Denfeld graduated the lowest number of graduates since the 1920's.

Note that these numbers reflect the four year graduation rates.  The source is Minn. Dept. of Ed.

Zenith News Exposé on Duluth School Board Sham

The Zenith News cover story on November 3 accurately portrayed the Duluth School Board and Superintendent’s failed attempt at taking me out as the sham that it was. 

Your intent was only to report on the unredacted Rice Report, but it opened up further questions that beg to be further investigated.  As inaccurate and illogical as the Rice report was, your accurate critique of it only scratched the surface of what was really going on with this witch-hunt. 

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