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Art's Statement to Board supporting negotiations to sell Central

[Note: the School Board voted 4-3 on March 31, not to enter into negotiations with Edison Charter School's offer to purchase Central Property. The follwing are my comments to the Board supporting such negotiations.]

I would like to thank the School Board for allowing public comment tonight and on Monday.  It is a welcome change for us to listen to and encourage such public comment.  Thank you.

Duluth Public School's Enrollment and Graduation Drops

Duluth Public School, Number of Graduates. 

Duluth now has two High Schools:  Denfeld and East.  Central High School was closed in 2012 and its students were supposed to trasfer to Denfeld.  But that didn't happen.

Note that last year, Denfeld graduated the lowest number of graduates since the 1920's.

Note that these numbers reflect the four year graduation rates.  The source is Minn. Dept. of Ed.

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