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Duluth News Tribune

Anatomy of a Failed School Board

It's time to break the silence on what happened on the Duluth School Board and look at the individual parts of the board that contributed to this ugly episode.  The followings are all hypothesis on what was happening.  We will likely never know their side of the  story because they have all been mum (except as noted below).

False Charges by the Duluth Superintendent and School Board

The report commissioned to investigate my activity on the Duluth School Board was authored by a hired gun of the school district. Its negative, biased content was predictable and expected.  But what was surprising was that the Duluth News Tribune trumpeted it as gospel, rather than political hogwash.

But even as unprofessional as it was, the report found:

no basis for assault,

no conflict of interest,

no racist comments.

Candidate's view: School Board must return its focus to academic excellence

Education is important throughout our society. Whether you are a doctor delivering babies or an automotive mechanic keeping our society rolling, you need skill sets learned in our schools.

My family is steeped in education. My oldest son has a PhD in music and works in Washington, D.C. My youngest son has a degree in automotive engineering and works designing recreational vehicles. My father was a businessman and was on the School Board for many years. My mother was a school nurse for many years.

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