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Candidate's view: School Board must return its focus to academic excellence

Education is important throughout our society. Whether you are a doctor delivering babies or an automotive mechanic keeping our society rolling, you need skill sets learned in our schools.

My family is steeped in education. My oldest son has a PhD in music and works in Washington, D.C. My youngest son has a degree in automotive engineering and works designing recreational vehicles. My father was a businessman and was on the School Board for many years. My mother was a school nurse for many years.

Duluth News Tribune, Sept. 6


Duluth News Tribune,   Sept. 6, 2013

 Knowledge, honesty, and integrity were the traits that elected me to represent the 4th District on the Duluth School Board four years ago. Now I also have the experience, and I am looking to build on the trust the 4th District has given me. 

Letter to the Editor, DNT, Aug. 3, 2013

I would like to thank the DNT for making a correction on my statement at a recent board meeting, but which a letter writer had falsely quoted.  The proper quote and a viewing of the recording of the meeting shows that my statement to a fellow board member was done in a formal manner which followed board and meeting protocols, as were all my comments during the meeting.

Election 2013


Art Johnston portrait

School Board Elections 2013!

The Red Plan--Where did the Money Come From? Duluth News Tribune, Nov. 16, 2012

We have nearly finished the Red Plan.  But rather than hearing about what a great plan this has turned out to be, the main discussion from the public is why do we have such large class sizes and why have we been cutting curriculum?   The Duluth News Tribune has done stories on the impact that this has had on our students.   Are the Red Plan and these negative educational impacts related?  The answer is a resounding YES.

3 Good Reasons to Vote Against the Operating Levy, Duluth News Tribune, Nov. 3, 2011

We all know children’s education is very important. But that does not give anyone carte blanche to use false or very misleading information in promoting a yes vote on an operating levy. Public officials, both elected and non-elected, have an obligation to be wise stewards of taxpayer money, to be a watchdog about how it is handled, and to assure that accurate information is being given to the public.

Reader Weekly Column, July 2011

The last several years have been a dismaying time for most Duluth citizens because of the Duluth School’s implementation of the $300 million school rebuilding plan, aka, the Red Plan. Meaningful discussion was crushed, and despite 75% of Duluth being opposed to the Red Plan, the school board moved forward. The school board got what they wanted, taxes are raised, money is being spent. Surely, the worst must be over.

Duluth News Tribune, June 2010

It is time for Duluth to review the financial, community, and legal process objections to the proposed western middle school.

Duluth News Tribune, Sept. 2010

It is time for the Duluth Public School’s Superintendent and Chairperson of the School Board to resign.

This public sentiment has been repeated to me hundreds of times during my campaign for school board.  Having been on the school board for nine months, I’ve found things even worse than what I was being told.   There is a long list of grievances that indicate failure of leadership. 


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