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Duluth News Tribune's poor reporting

It is important to point-out the inaccurate information that was in the Duluth News Tribune article and editorial on Sept. 22 concerning the Duluth school board majority’s abandoned attempt to remove me from the board.

Though rich in political innuendo, the effort to overturn my 2013 election failed because there were NO grounds to remove me; and there were NO intimidating behaviors revealed; and there was NO conflict of interest.

Unfortunately, this legal issue cost about $250,000.  And resulted in nothing but hard feelings, more angst toward our schools, and more money diverted from education.

Fortunately, the three board members spearheading that political fiasco decided against re-running for election.  All six candidates up for election state they would not have pursued such action.

This is a hopeful sign that the health and integrity of our schools will once again be talked about at school board meetings.

.Art Johnston (term expires 2018)

Duluth School Board member

4th District


October 15, 2015

Letter to the Editor

Duluth News Tribune

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