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Public Perceptions

The attached file contains results of a survey conducted by the Duluth school on public perceptions and how they think about  the school board, the administration, the Long Range Facilities Plan (Red Plan), and the likelihood of a operating levy passing in Duluth. This is the first time that there has ever been a survey of what people think about the school. For those that aren't from Duluth and haven’t been following the controversy, the school board used dubious legal opinions to deny the people in Duluth a referendum on the Long Range Facility Plan (Red Plan). Citizen groups did “unscientific” polling in 2010 that found that 75% of the people of Duluth opposed the Red Plan. This report is the first “scientific” basis and confirmation of such opinions. This report indicates that only 17% Duluthians support the Red Plan. This is the “big elephant” in the room that the school board and the administration still refused to acknowledge—even after they paid for this poll!


Read the report in pdf: Public Perceptions 2011.pdf

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